Do you want to entrust the accounting of your business to an experienced accountant in Waterloo or Braine-L’Alleud? Need professional advice to optimize the taxation of your business? Do you need to have a complete financial plan for the creation of your start-up in Brussels, in Walloon Brabant?

The Bacofi Accounting & Taxation firm near Braine-L’Alleud is at your service.


Accounting and tax firm in Ophain

Our accounting firm, Bacofi Comptabilité & Fiscalité is based in Ophain, not far from Waterloo. It was created in 2009 by Olivier Baeselen, a professional accountant with more than 30 years of experience in various companies, both internally and externally. This vast experience allows him to understand the needs of your business.

He has a diploma in accounting supplemented by an MBA in business management. After having been chief accountant then accounting director for various service companies, IT consultancy, industrial or wholesale trade companies, he decided to set up his own business to offer personalized services to all of his professional clients. In addition to having a long professional experience and speaking several languages, he has a great experience in EU project finance such as HORIZON 2020, AMIF or INTERREG. He works today with the help of a clerk, and he supports his clients who are start-ups, freelancers, traditional companies and non-profit organizations.

Thanks to our accounting software, Octopus, we work remotely on the accounting of most of our customers, whether in Brussels, Nivelles, Wavre or in other cities of Walloon Brabant. You will no longer need to travel to provide us with documents, for a special request or to create a tailor-made financial plan. Call on Bacofi Accounting & Taxation for the management of your accounting, tax advice or for the creation of a tailor-made financial plan.

Why call on our firm?

Thanks to Octopus, our efficient accounting program, you have access to a large number of online services and no need to travel to give us your accounting documents.

The advantages of using our firm in Ophain to manage your entity are as follows:


Excellent value
for money,


Unlimited storage of your accounting documents,


Simple and accessible with access to all your documents in a few clicks,


Tailor-made services: accounting, taxation, financial plan,….


Our partner customers

Since the opening of our office, we have had the opportunity to help a large number of companies, start-ups, freelancers and even non-profit organizations in their daily accounting and tax management.

  • EurocitiesA network of major European cities founded in 1986. It is one of our most loyal customers. We thank them for their trust.

You too become one of our privileged customers and entrust us with your accounting and the optimization of your taxation near Brussels, Nivelles or in other cities of Walloon Brabant.


Your online appointment

Do you have a business, are you self-employed or do you want to create a start-up in the coming weeks or months? Do you need a financial plan to present to the banks so that they can follow you on your new professional adventure? Do you want tax advice, have your tax declaration drawn up or get the help of an accountant at Braine-L’Alleud during a tax audit?
Make an appointment now with our team.

Whether you are a new customer, need a financial plan, a tax return or advice to optimize your tax system, each appointment lasts about an hour. Do not forget to detail your request so that our team can best respond to it.


We are at your disposal to advise you on your accounting and your taxation. We can intervene on all your files whether you already have an accountant or not, or that you wish that we start your accounting from A to Z. For personalized advice, contact our team.